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Nutrition Department's File Download Site


This website provides information about the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Brigham and Women's semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaires (ffqs).


The first download site, Adult general documentation, pertains to the adult ffqs. The second site, coding manuals, is password protected and will be released to specified users. The third site, Children/Adolescent-related files, pertains to the children and adolescent ffqs. The fourth site, nutrient tables, contains some of the nutrient information used to analyze the different ffqs. The last site, oxalate information, includes information on the oxalate content of foods in our database.


The general documentation site contains pdf samples of the adult ffqs available for your current use, the 80out, 2007 grid and 2007 booklet and billing forms.


Due to the large volume of investigators interested in using the questionnaires and the subsequent questions, we request that you PLEASE read the posted material carefully for general questions. We suggest that you print the information found at the site. If you view on screen, you will need to place the cursor on each page to view the contents in the information packet file.


If you choose to use the adult ffqs for your study, they must be ordered using the billing form at the general documentation site. The ffqs are optically scanned. Also at this site, there is a Frequently Asked Question and Information Packet file that will provide necessary information to you.


The Children/Adolescent-related site contains pdf samples of the original 1995 YAQ and the current replacement version, Youth Adolescent Activity Questionnaire and Harvard Service (HSFFQ) ffqs. Please read the website overview file that describes the questionnaires and the files found on this site including the ordering and billing information. Due to limited use and limited resources to update the HSFFQ, we no longer process or analyze the HSFFQ. You are welcome to download the Questionnaire and adapt for your study. You will need to derive your own nutrient analysis program for this Questionnaire.


The nutrient tables' site requires that you register. If you have previously downloaded our nutrient tables, click where specified and we will try and find your information so that you do not have to register again. Due to our current staffing, we regrettably will not be able to answer individual questions pertaining to the nutrient tables. Extensive quality assurance procedures have been applied to the tables, we hope you find them satisfactory. If you have general questions or want to compare the data to other internet sources, try some of these sites:

The USDA's Standard Release data  
The Nationwide Food Consumption survey data, What We Eat in America from the Agriculture Research Service  
Food and Drug Association activity  
Jennie Brand-Miller's website pertaining to the glycemic index  
The Food & Nutrition Info Center:  
The NHANES, National Health and Examination Survey site  

The oxalate information includes tables of the oxalate content of foods, a diet plan example and chart with alternatives for foods that are high in oxalate. To have a better understanding of how to use the tables, we suggest downloading and viewing the oxalate table instructions first.